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How to Prepare your Developmentally Disabled Loved One for a Social Event

My brother is eight years older than me and has a developmental disability. Social events and situations can be a challenge for both him and …

Coping Strategies for Cerebral Palsy Caregivers

While children and adults with cerebral palsy have varying degrees of limitations and abilities, some individuals need a lot of care and cannot live independently. …

New to MS Caregiving? Here’s Help.

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease with many faces, and though there are effective medications available to treat it, people with MS often need help. …

8 Tips for Caregivers Who Assist a Family Member with Multiple Sclerosis

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago, my husband became my primary caregiver, a job that consumes enormous energy and has increasingly …

Caregiver Tip: Help Your Loved One Get Social Security Disability Benefits Quickly if Facing a Fatal Illness

The Social Security Administration has an important but little known program for people diagnosed with severe and life-threatening medical conditions that allows “quick starts” of …

What is Adult Foster Care?

A Definition of Adult Foster Care

What Are Instrumental Activities of Daily Living?

6 Tax tips for family caregivers

Judi Hasson is a journalist who writes about health care and senior issues. Say you’ve taken care of your elderly mom in your own home …

When You Can’t Be There: Creating a Caregiving Plan B

Michelle Seitzer is a freelance writer who has specialized in elder care content for eight years and prior to writing, worked in the field for more …

Planning Care for Your Loved One After You’re Gone

Nancy Lebrun is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and writes frequently on health and wellness.

The Working Consumer: Finding Independence for People with Developmental Disabilities

When someone receives care from a caregiver, people often assume that they have lost their independence. But often for people with developmental disabilities, it’s just …

Coping With Traumatic Brain Injury

By Jennifer Olsen, a Registered Nurse with Caregiver Homes. 

10 Tips for Elders to Meet Their Nutrition Goals

Kathy Swideriski is an RN for Caregiver Homes at the Springfield, Massachusetts Branch.

How to Protect Your Hearing Health

Elizabeth Azevedo-Flowers is the Caregiver Homes Branch Manager for the Southeast Region in Massachusetts.

The Importance of Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities

Double Jeopardy Families

This article was written by Sue Gregg, the Midwest Regional Director for Caregiver Homes.

Caring for a Loved One with Social Skills Challenges 



The role of a caregiver involves responsibility for so many things – medication management, scheduling, transportation, etc. – the last thing you want to worry …

How to Help a Loved One with Disabilities Transition to Adult Life

Many parents caring for a child with a disability ask us, “What happens when my child turns 22?” The President’s Commission on Excellence in Special …


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