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Top Tools for Caregivers: 43 Blogs, Tech Systems and Medication Management Tools to Simplify Your Life

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Caregivers often are unpaid relatives or spouses of people who need assistance with activities of daily living and medical tasks. As more Americans choose to age at home, they require caregivers to make their choice possible. In most cases, caregivers organize medications and make sure their loved ones take them on time, assist them with getting dressed, bathing, and using the bathroom, schedule appointments with health care providers, provide transportation to appointments, make meals, and much more. Because caregivers spend the majority of their time caring for someone else, they benefit from tools that make the job more manageable.

That’s why we have rounded up 43 of the most helpful tools and blogs for caregivers. We have included smartphone apps for tracking medication, blogs for reading about how others cope with the demands of being a caregiver,  and technology systems that monitor and track the care recipient and alert the caregiver of emergencies or potential health hazards. Please note, we have listed our top 43 tools for caregivers below in no particular order. 

Best Blogs for Caregivers

  1. The Caregiver’s Voice: Caregiver Blog
    @CaregiversVoice The Caregivers Voice Caregiver Blog.png

The Caregiver’s Voice is designed to serve caregivers for people with dementia. Brenda Avadian, award-winning speaker, author of nine books, and U.S. News & World Report HEALTH writer, founded The Caregiver’s Voice in 1998 while caring for her father with Alzheimer’s. The blog covers topics pertinent to caregiving such as aging in place, dementia, elder care, independent living, and memory loss, among others.

Three key posts we like from The Caregiver’s Voice: Caregiver Blog:

2. The Caregivers’ Living Room: A Blog by Donna Thomson 

The Caregivers Living Room A Blog by Donna Thomson.png

Author of The Four Walls of My Freedom: Lessons I’ve Learned from a Life of Caregiving, Donna Thomson also is a speaker, consultant, advocacy trainer, and blogger at The Caregivers’ Living Room. Thomson’s posts cover everything from quick and easy meal ideas and recipes to empathetic caregiving.

Three key posts we like from The Caregivers’ Living Room: A Blog by Donna Thomson:

3. Daughterhood
Daughterhood .jpg
Written by Anne Tumlinson, Daughterhood features advice and tips about caregiving, benefits and wellbeing. Tumlinson has extensive experience in policy and research and is on a mission to share her knowledge and experience with everyday caregivers.

Three key posts we like from Daughterhood:

Aging In Place Technology Watch is under the helm of Laure Orlov, a tech industry veteran and elder care advocate. The blog features market research and thought leadership, analysis, and guidance about the technologies that make aging in place possible. Caregivers will gain insight into the tools that can assist you in caring for your loved ones.

Three key posts we like from Aging in Place Technology Watch:

5. The Caregiver Space

The Caregiver Space.png

The Caregiver Space is a non-profit online community that includes the people and resources you need while you serve as a caregiver. Blog posts include caregiver stories, tips for caregivers, a section for family and friends of caregivers, and posts covering tools for caregivers.

Three key posts we like from The Caregiver Space:

6. Transition Aging Parents

Transition Aging Parents.png

Dale Carter helps caregivers be proactive, learn to navigate a crisis or change, and be a parent’s advocate. Her blog, Transition to Aging Parents, features posts covering categories such as health, housing, relationship building, safety, and enabling technologies. As someone who served as a long-distance caregiver for her mother and now as a caregiver for her husband, Carter has first-hand experience with handling the demands of caregiving.

Three key posts we like from Transition Aging Parents:

7. EldercareABC Blog


EldercareABC is an online community for caregivers of aging parents, designed by caregivers of aging parents. The blog is about being connected so that caregivers have access to a caring, supportive group of people dedicated to helping you.

Three key posts we like from EldercareABC:

8. eCareDiary Blogs

eCareDiary Blogs.png

eCareDiary, a web community, is based on the founders’ experiences as caregivers for their parents who lived with chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Type II diabetes, and dementia. eCareDiary also is a source of help for families offering online tools, expert content, and resources like their articles.

Three key posts we like from eCareDiary Blogs:


caregiving.jpg is a web based community for caregivers to come together and support one another. Support comes through blogs, community posts, courses, podcasts and more.

Three key posts we like from

Technology Systems: Alerts, Alarms, Monitors, Sensors, and Trackers

10. Door Alarm Monitor with Remote

Door Alarm Monitor with Remote.png

Caregivers know the challenges of caring for a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient, and safety must come first. The Alzehimer’s Store’s door alarm monitor with remote helps caregivers keep on top of loved ones’ movements by alerting you when the door opens.

Key Features:

Three alarm settings: chime, melody, and alarm
May be used on room doors or cabinet doors
Incudes a high-performance transmitter and receiver set that you customize to monitor a room or selected area
Versatile, reliable, and convenient

Cost: *Approx. $39.95

11. Touch ‘N Talk

Touch N Talk.png

Assistive Technology Services specializes in medical alert systems without monthly fees. Their Touch ‘N Talk system is a long-range emergency alert voice communicator pendant phone. The care recipient simply touches the button and talks when he needs assistance. Caregivers can rest a little easier knowing that your loved one can reach them more quickly and easily with the Touch ‘N Talk.

Key Features:

Answer the phone or call for help with the portable long-range pendant communicator
Calls four phone numbers
Over 1,000,000 feet of total coverage area
Use the emergency call button anywhere in your home or yard, including in the shower
No monthly fees
Directly dials rather than connecting to a call center first

Cost: *Approx. $299.99

Additional Wall Communicator: $99.99 each
Extra Pendant: $99.99 each

12. Motion Sensor and Pager

Motion Sensor and Pager.png

MaxiAids offers products for independent living to people with visual and/or hearing impairment. Their motion sensor and pager is a one-to-one system that alerts caregivers of motion detected near your loved ones and helps ensure that they are safe.

Key Features:

Motion sensor signals pager when it detects movement
Ideal for bedside and doorway use
Eliminate room alarm noise
Convenient and easy to install wireless technology
Includes one motion sensor and one pager

Cost: *Approx. $49.95

13. Lively 24/7 Emergency Medical Alert System

Lively 24 7 Emergency Medical Alert System.png

The Lively medical alert system provides round-the-clock emergency monitoring, missed medication reminders, and more with a stylish safety watch. Busy caregivers appreciate the ease of use the Lively 24/7 system delivers; simply plug the Lively hub into a power source, decide where to place the activity sensors around the home, activate the online account, and place the watch on the care recipient’s wrist.

Key Features:

No home internet connection or phone line required
Lively safety watch includes a comfortable band and may be replaced with any 20mm band
Emergency monitoring services provided by a USA-based and CSAA Five Diamond 100% Operator Certified Central Station
Lively pillbox activity sensors monitor daily medication activity and create an alert when medication is missed
If medication schedule is not followed, family members receive notification

Cost: Contact for a quote

14. Wellness

Alarmcom Wellness.png offers technology that powers the connected home and makes life smarter, safer, and more efficient. Caregivers choose Wellness because it is an affordable option for ensuring a care recipient’s safety, security, and comfort.

Key Features:

Pair Wellness with a personal emergency response pendant
Caregivers receive alerts if your loved one is wandering or leaving the house
24/7 emergency responses for intruders and fire and medical emergencies
Monitor your loved one’s activity and receive alerts if there is an activity that signals a problem
Simplify routine tasks with automation across the home’s systems; automate lights, thermostats, locks, and security with easy-to-use rules and schedules

Cost: Contact for a quote

15. AliMed Nonslip Exit Alarm Mat

AliMed Nonslip Exit Alarm Mat.png

AliMed manufactures and supplies products for healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. Their nonslip exit alarm mats are designed to be used with a wireless remote receiver and alarm unit to alert caregivers of the movements of your loved ones.

Key Features:

Durable rubber sensor mat
Beveled edges and slip-resistant top and bottom to prevent slips and falls
Mat dimensions: 23”W x 35”L; Active sensing area: 17”W x 29”L
Available in maroon, green, blue, and black
Mat sensors are compatible only with the IQ Contact Alarm

Cost: *Approx. $113

16. Fall Prevention System by Smart Caregiver

Fall Prevention System by Smart Caregiver.png

Caregivers spend a great deal of time worrying about your loved ones, and falls are a serious concern. Smart Caregiver’s fall prevention system features their patented Cordless Fall Monitor. Caregivers can mount the monitor where you need it, including out of reach of your loved one. Caregivers also may choose the components of the system that best suit your needs; options include cordless bed pads, cordless floor mats, and cordless chair pads.

Key Features:

Eliminate in-room alarm noise
Easily mount the monitor on the wall beside the bed, shower, toilet, etc., up to 50 feet away
Automatically alerts caregivers when the signal between the pad and the monitor is lost
No cords between pads and monitors, which eliminates tripping hazards
Monitor up to two components at one time

Cost: Contact for a quote

17. Alert1 Home Fall Detection Medical Alert

Alert1 Home Fall Detection Medical Alert.png

A medical alert system company developing and providing a range of products in three areas of senior care technology, Alert1 helps seniors stay safe and gives caregivers greater peace of mind. Their fall detection medical alert system calls for help even when your loved one can’t by detecting falls and automatically calling the 24/7 command center.

Key Features:

400-foot range from base unit
Two-way voice in base unit
Showerproof button
Includes POM unit, fall sensor pendant, phone cord, AC wall plug, and Quick Start Guide
Fall detection pendant may be used to answer incoming phone calls


One UserAnnual Plan: $35.95/month – 2 free months of service, 2 free months of A1AP, free shipping, and free activation
Monthly Plan: $45.95/month + one-time activation fee of $59.95 – 1 free month of A1AP

Two Users – Up to 50% savings on second user

18. Bay Alarm In-Home Medical Alert System

Bay Alarm InHome Medical Alert System.png

Bay Alarm Medical provides 24/7 medical alert systems for seniors. Their in-home medical alert system ensures care recipients receive help at the push of a button. The easy installation saves caregivers valuable time and gives them peace of mind thanks to the system’s reliable, proven technology.

Key Features:

Clear two-way communication
Easy installation; plug in phone line, plug in power adapter, push button to test system
32-hour battery backup
Portable system enables care recipients to use it in any home with a standard landline
Use the system to answer a phone call
Ultralight emergency button is waterproof and comfortable to wear
Help buttons have signal range of up to 1,000 feet


Semi-Annual PricingIn-Home Landline: $25.95/month
In-Home Cellular: $35.95/month
GPS Mobile Help Button: $25.95/month
In-Home Landline + GPS Bundle: $45.95/month
In-Home Cellular + GPS Bundle: $55.95/month

Quarterly PricingIn-Home Landline: $27.95/month
In-Home Cellular: $37.95/month
GPS Mobile Help Button: $27.95/month
In-Home Landline + GPS Bundle: $47.95/month
In-Home Cellular + GPS Bundle: $57.95/month

Monthly PricingIn-Home Landline: $29.95/month
In-Home Cellular: $39.95/month
GPS Mobile Help Button: $29.95/month
In-Home Landline + GPS Bundle: $49.95/month

In-Home Cellular + GPS Bundle: $59.95/month

19. Medical Guardian Classic Guardian
Medical Guardian Classic Guardian.png

Medical Guardian, a leading nationwide provider of medical alert systems for seniors who wish to live independently at home, offers their Classic Guardian as a cost-effective way for caregivers to ensure the safety and welfare of your loved ones a little more easily. The Classic Guardian provides the largest range of protection of any available home medical alert system.

Key Features:

No long-term contracts or activation fees
Simple to use
Easy to install
Water-resistant emergency help buttons
Choose a necklace or wristband
24/7 monitoring using a landline
911-trained emergency operators
1,300-foot range in every direction

Cost: *Approx. $29.95/month

20. LifeFone Caregiver Tools

Lifefone Caregiver Tools.png

LifeFone offers top-rated medical alert devices that promote independence and security while ensuring a fast response at the press of a button. LifeFone also offers a line of tools that are designed for caregivers including medication reminders, system status alerts, and subscriber location service.

Key Features:

LifeFone Medication Reminders tell subscribers when to take a medication and are updated by caregivers
Caregivers have access to the LifeFone Caregiver Portal to upload up to 4 reminders per day with up to 10 medications with each reminder
Caregivers can see which reminders were accepted and which were ignored

Cost: Contact for a quote

21. Medical Care Alert
Medical Care Alert.png

Medical Care Alert provides medical alert systems for seniors that are reliable and affordable. Caregivers gain peace of mind and know that your loved ones can be a little more independent thanks to their Medical Care Alert emergency response system.

Key Features:

Choose the system that is best suited to your lifestyle: home, home and yard, or home and away
Satisfaction is guaranteed with the risk-free return policy
Monitoring provided by EMT/EMD Certified Operators in award-winning monitoring centers
SMS text message alerts to your emergency call list
Price locked in and guaranteed for life


Home Medical Alert System: Starts as low as $27.45/month
Home & Yard Medical Alert System: Starts as low as $32.04/month
Home & Away Medical Alert System: Starts as low as $36.62/month

22. LifeStation


Caregivers rest a little more easily when they choose the LifeStation medical alert system because your loved ones get help with one push of a button from the monitoring center. Designed by industry veterans, LifeStation medial alarms link care recipients to care specialists who are CSSAA certified.

Key Features:

One low monthly price with no hidden charges or extra costs
Medical alarm button is waterproof and may be worn as a pendant or wristband
Includes an enhanced speaker and voice capabilities to help a care recipient communicate even if he has fallen
Monitoring center immediately follows the personalized emergency action plan if the care recipient is unable to speak
Caregivers receive automatic email notifications when a loved one has an emergency, tests the system, or has any issues with the system


Paid Annually: $25.95/month
Paid Quarterly: $27.95/month
Paid Monthly: $29.95/month

23. Rescue Alert

Rescue Alert.png

Rescue Alert aims to assist people at risk of losing their independent lifestyles. People aging in place feel more safe and secure with their Rescue Alert medical alert systems, and their caregivers sleep a little better knowing that your loved one has a reliable alert system available at the touch of a button

Key Features:

Panic Button is waterproof and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet
Base Unit calls the Response Center immediately after a care recipient presses the button
Response Center attendants alert you or emergency services
Unique two-way speaker picks up sounds that other medical alert systems miss


Annual Rental: $29.95/month ($359.40 paid yearly)
Quarterly Rental: $29.95/month ($89.85 paid quarterly)
Monthly Rental: $32.95/month

24. Silver Mother

Silver Mother.png

Silver Mother is a comprehensive monitoring system for caregivers and your senior loved ones. Featuring medication reminders, sleep tracking, daily activity monitoring, front door alerts, hydration measurement, and temperature monitoring, Silver Mother offers peace of mind for caregivers simply and affordably.

Key Features:

Sensors blend into the everyday activities of seniors and continuously monitor their safety and health
Caregivers can remotely check on your loved ones and receive immediate alerts when something concerning is detected
You select the programs that are most relevant to your loved one’s needs and attach a tiny Silver Mother sensor to objects like pill containers, beds, walls, stairs, front doors, water bottles, etc.
Caregivers access a secure dashboard online or on a mobile device to monitor behavior and detect any signs of concern
Compatible with iOS or Android devices

Cost: *Approx. $299

25. Wander Alarm with Motion Detection

Wander Alarm with Motion Detection.png

From Liberty Health Supply, the Wander Alarm with Motion Detection assists caregivers with keeping an eye on your loved one. The remote monitoring device may be mounted in nearly any convenient location and signals caregivers from up to 100 feet away.

Key Features:

Prevent a loved one from wandering away
Detects the movement of a loved one in a bed, chair, room, or doorway
Receiver gets alerts from up to 100 feet away
Two alarm settings: chime for sound at the sensor or remote to receive a signal on the receiver

Cost: *Approx. $51.99

26. SAMi-3


SAMi, a sleep activity monitor, helps caregivers keep your loved ones safer at night. Now offering the third generation of SAMi, the SAMi-3, the alert company honored users’ requests and suggestions and created an even more useful and convenient monitor than previous models. SAMi alerts caregivers to abnormal movements at night without sounding an alarm for normal tossing and turning.

Key Features:

Compatible with most iOS devices
Up to 34 hours of on-camera recordings
Live resolution: 768 x 432
Recorded resolution: 1280 x 720
Audio Noise Reduction
Includes the SAMi-3 camera, camera bracket/stand with 3M strips for wall mounting, AC power adaptor, Ethernet cable, 32GB high reliability microSD card with SD card adaptor, accessory kit with wire clips, rubber feet, and wall anchors, and installation instructions
Free shipping in the U.S.


SAMi-3 Camera: $399
Standard SAMi-3 Kit: From $899
JB Edition SAMi-3 iPad Kit: From $1,399

27. GPS SmartSole

GPS SmartSole.png

GTX Corp pioneers, creates, and delivers smart mobile and wearable technology like the GPS SmartSole. Caregivers rely on the GPS SmartSole to track their wandering loved ones. The wearable hidden tracking device uses GPS and cellular technology like a smartphone and charges like your phone.

Key Features:

Tracking device hidden and sealed in an insole so caregivers do not have to worry about your loved one forgetting to wear it or turn it on
Discreet and non-invasive
Automatically checks in with caregivers every 10 minutes
Requires activation and a data service plan


GPS SmartSole: $299
Activation: $35
Monitoring Service Plan: $34.95/month or $74.95/quarter

28. SafeLink GPS

SafeLink GPS.png

For caregivers of loved ones with dementia, wandering is a serious concern. SafeLink GPS is a solution for dependable tracking. Using a unique artificial intelligence position processing system with ultrasensitive trackers, SafeLink GPS is an accurate tracking tool for caregivers.

Key Features:

Durable trackers
Cloud-based and provides 24/7 real-time tracking service
Wear on belts, as a necklace, on key chains, on walkers, etc.
Track your loved one from anywhere at any time
Track using a computer or a mobile device
Receive notifications on up to three smartphones

Cost: $19.99 device purchase + $26.99/month tracking service

29. PocketFinder+ Personal Tracker

PocketFinder Personal Tracker.png

Caregivers avoid a great deal of stress when you know you can locate your loved one in a matter of seconds. PocketFinder+ Personal Tracker is a GPS locator that lets caregivers know where your loved one is and helps you keep him safe.

Key Features:

Uses three location technologies and transmits information via 2G and 3G GSM wireless networks globally
Ideal for caregivers to track loved ones, especially those who tend to wander or who value their independence
Alerts on smartphone or computer
See tracker location, speed, direction, heading, and history on smartphone app

Cost: *Approx. $159

30. Revolutionary Tracker

Revolutionary Tracker.png

An ultimate family awareness and management solution for caregivers, Revolutionary Tracker is a completely secure, stand-alone wearable GPS enabled smartphone for your loved ones. Caregivers get real-time information on your loved one’s location and status.

Key Features:

Wearable GPS smartphone supported by a powerful intuitive interface
Enables caregivers to be in constant touch with loved ones
Colorful watches, wearable necklaces, and snap-on solutions
SOS command initiates instant two-way communication
Belly Buster feature allows caregivers to listen in remotely to what is happening in your loved one’s environment
Track loved ones from computers, tablets, and smartphones

Cost: Contact for a quote

31. BlueWater Elderly and Alzheimer’s GPS Locator Watch

BlueWater Elderly and Alzheimers GPS Locator Watch.png

A GPS tracking locator specifically designed for the elderly and people with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, the BlueWater Elderly and Alzheimer’s GPS Locator Watch helps caregivers keep track of your loved ones. Better yet, the BlueWater GPS Locator Watch helps caregivers rest a little more easily.

Key Features:

Extended use of the dot matrix LCD for communication, messaging, and the panic button
Gives caregivers peace of mind about wandering loved ones
Loved ones know help is near at hand when they wear the BlueWater GPS Locator Watch
Same size and appearance of a traditional wrist watch
Works with mobile RF receiver
Water resistant and splash proof

Cost: *Approx. $599.99 + $10/month or $35/month airtime charge

32. iTraq


The iTraq is a rechargeable global tracking device that combines cellular and GPS tracking. Caregivers gain peace of mind while allowing their loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s to maintain a bit more independence. The new iTraq3 features improved accuracy and a motion or fall sensor. Caregivers enjoy the convenience of tracking loved ones and getting alerts on their iOS and Android devices.

Key Features:

Improved accuracy to detect location and provide more accuracy indoors
Trigger iTraq to report when it detects motion or a fall
Temperature sensor to trigger iTraq when it reaches a certain threshold

Cost: New iTraq3 Device: $129 + Unlimited Reporting Plan for 1 Year: $59

33. Arlo by NETGEAR

Arlo by NETGEAR.png

NETGEAR is a worldwide provider of innovative networking products that keep people connected. Caregivers use NETGEAR’s Arlo smart home security as a video monitoring solution to watch over your elderly loved ones. As a remote video monitoring system, Arlo is an affordable and simple solution for remaining in visual contact with your loved one.

Key Features:

Know what is happening with your loved one even when you can’t be there physically
Unique and highly flexible system that enables caregivers to create your own video monitoring network and view it remotely on your computer, smartphone, or tablet
Battery-powered wireless cameras that you can place nearly anywhere with simple peel-and-stick magnetic mounts
Weatherproof so you can keep an eye on loved ones when they go outside
100% wire-free
Free Arlo app is available for iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, and as a web browser


Arlo Pro Smart Security System with 2 Cameras: $419.99 and up
Arlo Pro Smart Security System with 3 Cameras: $579.99 and up
Arlo Pro Smart Security System with 4 Cameras: $649.99 and up

34. Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Cam Indoor.png

Nest focuses on making simple, human, delightful products that create a thoughtful home. Their indoor security camera allows caregivers to keep an eye on your loved ones 24/7 in crystal clear 1080p HD. Designed to help caregivers know what is happening at home even when you’re not there, the Nest Cam Indoor features 24/7 live streaming and person alerts with Nest Aware.

Key Features:

Continuously records 24/7 and saves up to 30 days of footage securely in the cloud with a Nest Aware subscription
Detects motion and listens for sounds to send a phone alert or email with a key image from the event
See photos of activity from the last three hours free of charge in the Nest app
Get special person alerts if the Nest Cam Indoor sees a person
Built-in speaker and microphone so you can see what happens at home and talk to your loved one


Single Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera: $199
3-Pack Nest Cam Indoor Security Cameras: $497
Nest Aware Subscription, 10-Day Video History: $100/year
Nest Aware Subscription, 30-Day Video History: $300/year

35. Project Lifesaver’s PAL Tracking System

Project Lifesavers PAL Tracking System.png

Project Lifesaver is a nonprofit organization that helps quickly locate people with cognitive conditions who wander. Their PAL (Protect and Locate) Tracking system is a tracking device and digital sports watch that protects and locates at-risk loved ones. Caregivers use a portable receiver to get notifications about wandering events through GSM and GPS technologies.

Key Features:

Loved ones wear PAL on the wrist like a regular wrist watch
When your loved one breaches the PAL RF perimeter, the receiver sounds an alert and sends a text message with the date and location of the wandering event
PAL includes an internet portal that is accessible from anywhere with a computer or smartphone for real-time tracking and regular location updates
PAL watch features a locking band that only may be removed with a special tool
PAL watch includes a panic button that sends the loved one’s location to the caregiver
PAL watch is waterproof and may be worn while swimming or bathing

Cost: $549, includes shipping and one year of service

36. Mindme Locate

MindMe Locate.png

Mindme Locate is designed to find people who wander due to dementia or learning difficulties. Caregivers choose Mindme Locate because of its simple design and lack of confusing lights or buttons. Small and lightweight, Mindme Locate may be carried as a key fob, worn on a necklace, and placed in a pocket or bag.

Key Features:

Operates up to 48 hours between battery charges
Caregivers can find the location of your loved one on the website at any time
28-day location history available online
Caregivers gain peace of mind and loved ones gain more freedom


Device and charger: $140
Monthly subscription: $20

Medication Management Tools

37. Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder

Medisafe Meds and Pill Reminder.png

The Medisafe team helps people and caregivers stay on top of health by ensuring they never forget medication times. Research shows that people who use the Medisafe app consistently take their medication more than those who do not use the app. Caregivers won’t forget a dosage again when they download Medisafe for iOS or Android devices.

Key Features:

Top rated medication manager and pill reminder
Visual and easy to use
Track health measurements for blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, pulse, and temperature
Choose your medication reminder sound
Reminds you of medication time even if your device is asleep
Refill reminder


iTunes – FREE, with in-app purchases available
Google Play – FREE, with in-app purchases available

38. Medica Medication Reminder

Medica Medication Reminder.png

The medication reminder app from Medica, currently available for Android devices, helps caregivers organize your care recipient’s medication list and remind them to take the correct medication at the appropriate time. Caregivers appreciate the flexible medication schedule options, pill and refill reminder, and easy medication log tracker offered by the Medica Medication Reminder.

Key Features:

Unlimited number of medications
Supports 17 types of medications with high quality graphics
Take photos of medication using your smartphone
Flexible medication schedule options
Protect your entries by setting a passcode



iTunes – Currently unavailable in the U.S. iTunes Store

Google Play – FREE, with in-app purchases available

39. Ezy Dose AM/PM Push Button Pill Planner

Ezy Dose AMPM Push Button Pill Planner.png

The #1 Best Seller in Pill Dispensers and Reminders on Amazon, the Ezy Dose AM/PM Push Button Pill Planner is a favorite among caregivers because of its ease-of-use design. Caregivers save time by easily pushing buttons to open the organizer to fill it or retrieve medication from inside. Color-coded compartments with large lettering helps both caregivers and their loved ones know which medications should be taken at which time.

Key Features:

Push buttons with rounded bottoms make it easy to open the planner
AM and PM compartments to easily plan and distribute your loved one’s doses
Clear lids for high visibility of medication to prevent missed doses
Large compartments with plenty of space for daily medications


1-Pack: *Approx. $8.72
2-Pack: *Approx. $19.16
3-Pack: *Approx. $22.99

40. Borin-Halbich’s The 7Pack

BorinHalbich The 7Pack.png

With a four-star review from more than 1,500 Amazon customers, Borin-Halbich’s The 7Pack holds seven days’ worth of medication. Each daily dosage box includes three compartments to make it easy to dispense medication in the morning, at noon, and at bedtime. Caregivers enjoy the convenience of the color-coded compartments and the highly organized manner of The 7Pack from Borin-Halbich.

Key Features:

Each compartment features a secure lid
Large black contrasting lettering for simple daily identification
Compartments are removable and may be taken anywhere
Color-coded compartments for days of the week

Cost: *Approx. $11.20

41. Apex 7-Day Mediplanner Pill Organizer

Apex 7Day Mediplanner Pill Organizer.png

The Apex 7-Day Mediplanner Pill Organizer is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in pill cases. The weekly tray helps caregivers prepare medications once a week to save time. Caregivers also choose the Apex 7-Day Mediplanner Pill Organizer because it features four daily compartments to cover more dosage times than other medication organizers that only allow for three daily doses.

Key Features:

Contoured lid design allows for easy pill removal
Easily view medication through the container lids
Color-coded compartments for medication planning
Lids latch and are secure, and lids are removable for cleaning

Cost: *Approx. $4.24

42. Thassio 7-Day Pill Organizer

Thassio 7Day Pill Organizer.png

Thassio creates quality products for everyday life. Their 7 Day Pill Organizer includes a pill cutter and makes the chore of planning weekly medications easier for caregivers. Each daily case is divided into four compartments and labeled for AM and PM to make dispensing medication just as easy as organizing it.

Key Features:

Color-coded daily case divided into AM and PM sections with four total medication compartments
Pill cutter and slicer simplifies the process of getting the dosage correct
Daily compartments slide out and become portable

Cost: *Approx. $16.99

43. Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer


Sagely creates easy-to-use products that allow people to focus on healthy living. Their modern-day pillbox has a large capacity and a magnetized base to keep compartment in place while you fill them with daily doses. Caregivers love the ease with which you push pills through the lids and into the containers for improved loading accuracy. Best of all, the Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer includes a free medication reminder app for iOS and Android devices.

Key Features:

Caregivers organize medication in four simple steps: place the pills on top of the lid, push the pills through the lid, open the lid and dispense the medication, and return the container to the magnetized base
Includes seven oversized containers
Innovative lid design provides space for counting out pills
Vibrant two-color lids indicate day and night doses
Made of clear, food-grade, BPA-free materials for safety and easy viewing

Cost: *Approx. $29.95



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