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Massachusetts Adult Foster Care Eligibility Defined

For family caregivers, it’s crucial to create a community of support and utilize all the programs and resources available to you to improve your caregiver experience. In Massachusetts, the Adult Foster Care Program can be an excellent source of support, but eligibility can sometimes be overwhelming to navigate on your own.

“The Massachusetts Adult Foster Care Program helps caregivers provide the best care to their loved one at home, through financial assistance and other support services,” said Jamila Aithammousaid, Massachusetts-based RN Care Manager with Careforth. “With the right guidance, navigating eligibility for these programs can be made easy, ensuring that you get connected with the caregiver support and resources right for you and your loved one.”

The following blog article will walk through the steps Massachusetts caregivers can take to self-evaluate their own eligibility. This post provides actionable advice and valuable resources to help you understand more about family caregiving options.

What is the Adult Foster Care Program in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Adult Foster Care (AFC) Program is a benefit, funded by MassHealth (Medicaid), that allows adults with disabilities and seniors needing assistance to receive at-home care from a qualified caregiver, including a care plan tailored to your loved one and around-the-clock assistance.

Adult Foster Care allows those needing care to receive full-time support, financial assistance for caregiving, and personalized care, all while maintaining your loved one’s independence and freedom to live at home. And through Massachusetts’ Adult Foster Care services, Careforth connects caregivers with a dedicated care team, including a nurse and care manager who provide emotional support and expert care coaching.

In addition to Massachusetts, Careforth currently supports Adult Foster Care (also referred to as Structured Family Caregiving, Adult Family Living, Adult Foster Care, or Shared Living) in these eight states: Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.

Who is eligible for Adult Foster Care in Massachusetts?

There are a few key factors impacting eligibility for the Massachusetts Adult Foster Care Program. To self-evaluate your situation and determine what caregiving resources you qualify for, consider the following questions:

  • Are you related to the person receiving care? 
  • Is the person receiving care over the age of 16?
  • Do you and the person receiving care live in the same home?
  • Do you provide hands-on, physical assistance or guidance of at least one or more of the following caregiving activities each day?
    • Bathing, using the restroom, and personal hygiene
    • Dressing
    • Transferring
    • Eating
    • Walking assistance (ambulation)
  • Is the person receiving care eligible for Medicaid – i.e., MassHealth Standard or Common Health? 

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be eligible for the Massachusetts Adult Foster Care Program and could qualify for tax-free financial assistance. As a caregiver, taking advantage of these caregiving support services and programs is incredibly important, so that you can continue to provide the best level of care to your loved one and take care of yourself.

To learn more about your eligibility to become a paid family caregiver in Massachusetts, visit info.careforth.com/ma or give us a call at 617-934-2657. By filling out the contact form or giving us a call, our Careforth Care Team will support you through the eligibility process, connecting you with the resources you need.

Additional Resources for Family Caregivers in Massachusetts

If you were unable to answer ‘Yes’ to all the questions above, are still unsure about your eligibility, or know someone who might qualify, we invite you to contact our Care Team at 866-797-2333 or see how we can help. Our team can provide additional guidance on program eligibility and other support, resources, and assistance you may be eligible for as a family caregiver.

With Careforth, there is a team of caring people that will work with you at every step of your caregiving journey. Contact us today to learn more about how Careforth supports caregivers in Massachusetts.

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