How We Help Caregivers

Careforth has helped tens of thousands of caregivers receive unrivaled support and payment. With Careforth you can: 

  • Get paid for the care you give.
  • Rely on our expert team for support.
  • Care safely for your loved one at home.

What You Get

Payment and support for the care you give

Some states offer payment to caregivers, helping to cover part of the costs of full-time caregiving. If you qualify for Structured Family Caregiving, you could earn up to $3,190 each month.  

We will help you save time and money by connecting you with services, products, equipment or programs that reduce caregiver burden and increase quality of life (for you and the person you care for).

We’re here to focus on you. We match you with a care coach. Reach out anytime, to ask a question, get advice, even just to vent, as we walk the emotional path together. 

Our teams are made up of nurses, social workers, dementia experts and behavioral health experts.

We know that no two caregiving situations are the same. That’s why we build a personal coaching plan just for you that changes as your situation changes.

Your team co-creates the plan with you to help you provide the best care and be prepared for the unexpected.   

When you join Careforth, you join a community. Your Careforth team speaks 52 different languages and comes from diverse cultural backgrounds.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and will help connect you to local and national caregiving resources that ease the burden of caregiving.

Careforth App

Keeping you connected

The Careforth App connects you with expert care professionals, allowing you to manage your loved one’s care all in one place.

  • Communicate with your care team anytime through our secure messaging  
  • Track your loved one’s care through guided questionnaires
  • Receive advice and tips to help you with caregiving needs
  • Manage your daily appointments and medication reminders
  • Share and store important documents and files  
  • Alert your care team immediately if an incident occurs 

Get qualified

How to know if you’re eligible

Careforth serves Medicaid-eligible individuals and their families in select states. Check your eligibility by calling today or exploring programs in your state. You may be eligible for support and pay through Structured Family Caregiving if the person you are caring for is: 

  • 18 years or older
  • Related to you or a friend
  • Living in the same home as you
  • Eligible for Medicaid
  • Needs assistance with daily activities like getting dressed or eating

Eligibility requirements vary by location.

We proudly offer Structured Family Caregiving in the following states:

Not Medicaid eligible? We offer services with health plans across the country. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to speak to member services and learn more.

Ready to talk? Call us today.

Our team is fluent in English and Spanish, with many other languages supported through a translation partner.

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