For Health Plans

Empower Caregivers to Unlock Better Member Health

Careforth is a nationally accredited HCBS organization with 20 years of experience supporting caregivers through person-centered coaching powered by technology.

Improve the experience of caregivers, improve health outcomes.

Careforth extends your health plan to provide a host of benefits that help you make a positive impact on your members and their health outcomes.

Reduce total cost of care

Reduce total cost of care by helping caregivers adhere to member care plans and proactively identify and mitigate concerns to prevent high-cost events.

Enhance quality of care and elevate STARS ratings

Enhance quality of care by encouraging regular provider check-ins, aiding in addressing care gaps, and boosting quality benchmarks including STARS ratings.

Improve RAF accuracy

Promote timely and consistent provider visits that support code capture/recapture.

Drive utilization of plan benefits

Boost the use of plan benefits by increasing caregiver awareness of services available to them.

Improve member loyalty and attract new members

Enhance member loyalty and attract newcomers by offering valuable support tied to ongoing plan participation.

Keep your data secure

Our mobile app is HITRUST certified and HIPAA secure giving you peace of mind about your member data.

Impacts of Caregiver Coaching


increase in caregiver confidence after 6 months


increase in knowledge of accessing resources


increase in knowledge of how to navigate the healthcare system


of caregivers report overall burden is better

Careforth is the nation’s leading caregiver support company, delivering robust and comprehensive services to caregivers.

Improving caregiver knowledge and confidence

With coaching, caregivers are better equipped to navigate the healthcare system and access the resources they need to care for your member.

Creating positive health outcomes

From improved relationships to fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations, Careforth caregivers and the members they support see positive improvements to both emotional and physical health.

Reducing caregiver burnout

With focus on support, self-care and stress management, caregivers remain in place to perform their critical care role.

We are proud to partner with health plans across the country.


See how it works

Through the Careforth App, caregivers stay seamlessly connected to our team, tools and content ensuring they receive the support they need, when they need it. Watch the demo video to see how the Careforth App connects your member’s caregiver with a qualified coach to positively impact both caregiver and member outcomes.

Learn more about how Careforth can better support your members.