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Family Caregiver Journey Spotlight: Donita Brown and Karen & Richard

The following post shares the stories and Caregiving Journeys of Karen and Richard, and Careforth Care Manager, Donita Brown. The Careforth team thanks Donita, Karen, and Richard for their openness to sharing their experience so that others who identify with them may take similar steps to build support and connections in their own journey.

Karen and Richard have been married for 66 years, and have traveled across the country, have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and have shared a life full of love.

Following a stroke in 2010, Richard and Karen’s life as they knew it all changed. After experiencing atrial fibrillation, lymphedema in his legs, and a handful of other health issues, Richard now has trouble walking and can’t lead the active life he and Karen once shared. However, despite these physical changes and challenges, Richard’s wife, Karen, lovingly took on the role of primary caregiver.

Finding Caregiver Support with Careforth

As Karen helped get Richard the medical treatments, mobility assistance, and other care he needed, she also began to seek out external support and financial assistance. After trying a few recommended resources from doctors and friends, Karen and Richard found Careforth and were connected with their own Careforth Care Manager, Donita Brown.

After initially helping Karen find the support she needed to care for Richard in the way he deserves, Donita supported Karen with any and all situations. Whether helping with Karen’s computer, putting in a ramp, getting Richard a mobility scooter, or understanding medical treatments and prescriptions, Donita was there for support through it all. Through the Careforth app and by phone, Donita worked with Karen to help her care for Richard, all while keeping him in the comfort of his own home.

“Our enjoyment is just being together, and Richard has come a long way in his recovery,” said Karen. “Getting the help that we’re getting has pulled us out of the hole. We couldn’t have done it without Careforth.”

And, through all the requests, Donita was always there to help, and she truly understood what Karen was going through as a family caregiver.

The Importance of Family Caregiving

Before working at Careforth, Donita fulfilled the role of family caregiver herself for her own mother. And it was through this experience that Donita found Careforth and previously received the same kind of support she now provides to caregivers like Karen.

“Careforth was my support. They gave me the power to take care of my mom the way that I needed to take care of her,” said Donita. “I now get to give back to these families and know what they’re going through firsthand, every step of the way.”

As a Careforth Care Manager, Donita is able to use her experience to provide caregivers with the support that best fits their situation, all while looking after the wellbeing of the caregiver. By connecting people with the coaching, resources, emotional support, and payment needed to help them better care for their loved ones, Donita and the Careforth Care Management Team give caregivers someone in their corner who understands what it means to be a caregiver.

Careforth Supports Family Caregivers

At Careforth, we strive to provide the resources and connections that ensure caregivers feel supported at every turn in their caregiving journey. Visit the How We Help page on our site to learn more about how Careforth supports caregivers, or contact us for more information.

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