Katiria and Maria’s Story

I’ve been a caregiver for Grandma for about seven years, and the experience has been quite amazing.

Grandma has diabetes and high blood pressure. We try to set our goals for the day—motivation, determination, doctor’s appointments. I make sure there’s an activity to get done, whether it’s just a ride—just to get Grandma’s spirit to feel alive. 

Grandma still cooks for our family. Oh, it’s a family thing. Grandma still loves to come downstairs and smell the good rice with the beans and the chuletas. 

Our care manager, Erin. What an amazing person. Treated me and Grandma with so much respect, made us feel we were a part of the team. She was like our Americanized Puerto Rican sister.  When we are together, the very small things, detailed things, difficult tasks like combing her hair and buttoning up her shirt, those are the things that really kind of puts up the sun to our day. 

To her, that’s everything. I get emotional to think that Grandma could be someday in a home because she’s—Grandma’s my soul. 

My name is Katiria and I take care of Maria, who is my grandmother.

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