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Legal Guardians of Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities are Now Eligible for Structured Family Caregiving in Indiana

For many family caregivers of people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, programs that offer coaching and financial assistance through Home & Community Based Services make all the difference for the quality of care their loved one receives, as well as their own well-being.

Unfortunately, eligibility criteria for these programs can create barriers to access for these services, especially for those who are not blood relatives of the care recipient.

The good news is that for residents of Indiana, legal guardians of adults with disabilities or chronic illnesses are now eligible to become paid, trained caregivers for their loved ones through Structured Family Caregiving (SFC). SFC from Caregiver Homes of Indiana empowers full-time, live-in family caregivers with the necessary resources to provide the best possible care for their loved ones at home.

What is Structured Family Caregiving?

Structured Family Caregiving is designed to give family caregivers the resources they need so they can offer the best possible care for loved ones at home.

Caregiver Homes of Indiana is a provider of Structured Family Caregiving operating in the state since 2013.

The program includes:

Support from a team of trained professionals. Caregiver Homes Care Teams will assist caregivers remotely with medical, social, or administrative issues related to caregiving.

Vela, a secure collaboration app with texting and file-sharing features. This app allows caregivers to easily communicate with Care Teams on a daily basis, so they may ask questions as soon as they arise and solve problems proactively.

A tax-free payment to offset caregiving costs. This can go towards home modifications such as a grab bar in the shower, transportation to medical appointments, and more.

Learn more about how to apply for SFC, or refer a caregiver today.



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