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Georgia Structured Family Caregiving Eligibility Defined

Structured Family Caregiving is a Medicaid program that helps beneficiaries safely remain in their homes, through payments and other support services. “Navigating Georgia Structured Family Caregiving can often seem like a daunting task,” says Melissa Comeau, Careforth’s Director of Care Management. “However, with guidance and support, one can better understand the process, handle it with ease, and gain access to the right resources. And remember, it’s important that you get the caregiver support you need and take advantage of the resources available to you, so you can provide the best care to your loved one.”

The following blog post breaks down the steps Georgia caregivers can take to self-evaluate their caregiving situation and determine eligibility for Georgia Structured Family Caregiving services and financial assistance. Additionally, this post will share actionable advice and the additional resources available to caregivers in Georgia, helping keep family caregiving your primary focus.

What is the Structured Family Caregiving program in Georgia?

As of 2023, Structured Family Caregiving is available in Georgia along with seven other states, including Connecticut, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, and South Dakota.

More specifically defined, the Medicaid-funded Structured Family Caregiving benefit supports the primary, unpaid caregivers of people who are aged, disabled, or have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. In these cases, the caregiver lives with the care recipient and receives payment for providing supervision, personal care assistance, and homemaker services. 

Caregivers are also provided with education and training based on current and anticipated needs of their loved one. This support is tailored to each unique caregiving situation and can include coaching, emotional support, and/or respite care.

How to determine eligibility for Structured Family Caregiving in Georgia?

There are a few key factors impacting one’s eligibility for these programs and opportunities for financial assistance. To self-evaluate your caregiving situation and determine what resources you qualify for, consider the following questions:

  1. Are you related to your loved one by blood, adoption, or through marriage but you are not their spouse?
  2. Is your loved one over the age of 18?
  3. Do you and your loved one live in the same house?
  4. Does your loved one require at least 5 hours of care each day – i.e., bathing and hygiene, dressing, ambulation, eating, etc.?
  5. Is the person you care for eligible for or already receiving Medicaid?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be eligible for the Structured Family Caregiving program in Georgia and could qualify for financial assistance and caregiving support services. To keep caregiving your priority and help improve the level of care you can provide, it is crucial to take advantage of these programs and use them to support your caregiving journey.

To learn more about your eligibility to become a paid family caregiver in Georgia, visit and fill out the form to determine your next steps. After filling out this form, our Careforth Care Team will help guide you through the process, ensuring that you feel supported at every turn.

Additional Resources and Support for Family Caregivers in Georgia

If you were unable to answer ‘Yes’ to all the questions above, are still unsure about your eligibility, or know someone who might qualify, contact our Care Team for additional guidance. Our care team can help determine eligibility, find community resources, and connect you with the support and assistance you qualify for.

And, whether you qualify for Structured Family Caregiving or not, there are additional options for support that may be available to you. This includes home-delivered meals, older adult recreation, emergency response services, home modifications, and personal care assistance. These resources can provide excellent support for you and your loved one, improving your caregiving experience.

Learn more about the other caregiver resources available in Georgia in our recent blog, How to Become a Paid Caregiver for a Family Member: 6 Steps to Uncovering Financial Assistance Options for Family Caregivers.

With Careforth, there is a team of caring people that will work with you at every step of your caregiving journey.

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