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What Is a Care Manager?

A care manager, also known as a case manager or care coach, plays an important role in coordinating and supporting caregivers and their loved ones. They work with caregivers to develop and implement personalized care plans and create connections to support services. In some programs, the care management team visits caregivers in their homes, offering continuous support and training as needed.

Below, some of our Careforth team members explain in their own words what it means to be part of a care management team-

Care managers provide support to caregivers…

“In my role as a case manager, I am deeply passionate about empowering families and individuals to navigate life’s complexities with confidence and dignity,” said Careforth Care Coach Brichelle Soto. “I see myself as a compass, helping to guide caregivers towards the resources and support they so richly deserve, while also fostering resilience and self-empowerment in every individual I work with. My job is more than a role; it is a commitment to uplifting the human spirit, one caregiver, one family, at a time.”

Care managers help to find caregiving services and available resources…

“I get to work alongside the most dedicated and resilient caregivers. Together, we overcome barriers and navigate services. They have taught me so much about compassion, and it’s been a privilege to support and remind them that they are not alone in their caregiving journeys,” said Lissette Aparicio, assessment care manager at Careforth.

Care managers provide helpful advice and connect caregivers with the tools and equipment their loved one needs…

“My work is rewarding because I have the privilege of walking alongside families on their caregiving journey,” said Careforth Care Manager Macaria Wilson. “When I see a technique I have coached on be applied or have a client tell me how much a piece of equipment I helped acquire has changed his/her life, it feels like such a win for our care team as a whole. I am happy to advocate on behalf of our families and see them reach their full potential.”

They use their experience in health and well-being to aid individuals navigating Adult Family Living (AFL) and their own caregiving journeys…

“I feel very fortunate to say that after being a nurse for almost 40 years I still love my job,” said Susan Trama, RN care manager at Careforth. “I worked in Home Health Care before coming to Careforth. It was very beneficial with the transition to AFL. I continue to find it very rewarding to be able to help and advocate for both the caregiver and the consumer. My role may have shifted slightly but my love for my job continues.”

And provide emotional support, connection, and kindness to our caregivers and those they care for, ensuring both physical and emotional well-being…

“I love that every day my job presents me with the opportunity to provide support and resources to our caregivers and their families with the hopes of uplifting them with words of encouragement, meaningful conversations, or humor and laughter,” said Careforth Community Engagement Specialist Sonya Davis. “I feel the work I do every day makes a difference to the families we serve and our community.”

At Careforth, the care management team is part of your caregiving journey. They work diligently to make sure caregivers feel supported at every turn and never feel alone. Thank you to our care managers for all that you do to support caregivers and their loved ones. 

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