Careforth News

Funding to Support Care at Home through Structured Family Caregiving

Careforth (formerly Seniorlink & Caregiver Homes) has received additional funding from the State of Indiana. These funds will be used to support the people who are responsible for helping Medicaid members to get care at home. We are grateful to receive the funding and happy to pass it along.

We are using the funding in the following ways.

  • Family Caregivers

We will be increasing stipend payments to family caregivers. The amount of the increase depends on the member’s level of care. Approximately 82% of the grant funding will be spent on higher payments to caregivers.

  • Careforth Care Teams

We have increased the hourly wage of all clinical care teams. We also supplemented the gas mileage reimbursement rate. Funding was also used for a new employee onboarding program. Approximately 18% of the grant funds were used for these purposes.   


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