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Seniorlink’s CEO Tom Riley and President Matt Marek Discuss Caregiving in America with Senator Bill Frist on ‘A Second Opinion’ Podcast

November, 2021 – This National Family Caregivers Month, CEO Tom Riley and President Matt Marek discussed Seniorlink’s innovative caregiving solutions on the podcast “A Second Opinion” with Senator Bill Frist. 

Over the course of the hour-long segment, Riley and Marek explained how Seniorlink coaches and supports family caregivers to keep care in the home while cutting costs for payer organizations. Seniorlink’s remote care capabilities and rapid growth during the pandemic were major topics of interest, as was their vision for the future of the company.  

“Health Plans are starting to tune into the reality that there are 53 million deputies out there if they can figure out a way to access them,” said Riley. “We believe we’re the organization to help them do that.” 

Marek elaborated further on the future of the home-based care landscape, providing an overview of how Seniorlink aims to expand to support thousands more families in need. 

“For Seniorlink, it’ll be a continued path of growth and innovation,” said Marek. “We’ll continue to expand our services, we’ll partner with health plans to serve members in new and innovative ways, we’ll leverage our technology ultimately to be the leading caregiving company. We’re excited about the future, and I’m thankful to Tom and the team for everything they’ve done to set us on this path.” 


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