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The Times of Northwest Indiana Features Caregiver Homes in Feature Story on Caring for Those Aging in Place


On February 20th, 2022, The Times of Northwest Indiana published an article titled “Agencies offer tips, support to help seniors age in place” featuring RN Katelynn Jansma of Caregiver Homes. 


The article highlights some of the unforeseen challenges that come along with aging in place, such as the difficulty of accessing services and making modifications to the home ahead of time. Alongside of Jennifer Malone, vice president and chief operating officer of Northwest Indiana Community Action (NWICA), Jansma contributes a seasoned professional’s perspective on what is necessary to create a sustainable home care situation for older adults. 

“What I have found is that someone may slowly be declining, but won’t ask for help until it gets to a point where they simply cannot physically do it anymore or have injured themselves in the process of trying to remain independent,” Jansma said. 

“I have found that the resources or referrals may be available, but they can take an extended amount of time to get them to the individual who requires care.”



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