Caregiver Spotlight: Tiffany’s Journey with Careforth

The following story introduces Careforth Care Manager, Macaria Wilson, and shares the inspiring caregiving journey of Tiffany and her family. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Macaria, Tiffany, Georgia, and David for their openness and willingness to share their experiences. We hope that by sharing their journey, others who find themselves in similar situations can find inspiration, support, and encouragement to build their own networks of care and connection.

Tiffany grew up the youngest of six children; her mother, Georgia, raised Tiffany and her siblings all by herself while working tirelessly to support her family. Tiffany, who now has a daughter of her own, says Georgia made her who she is today. Being the last to leave the nest, Tiffany felt it was her duty to care for her parents. Georgia’s strength and kindness showed when she often took in family members who were having a hard time. Tiffany reflects on the influence this had on how she cares for her family today, “I work hard for them because I know she worked hard for me.” 

In 2014, Tiffany’s life changed a lot when her mother suffered a stroke. At first, Tiffany didn’t know what was wrong, but she noticed her mother acting erratically so she moved in to take care of her. Since then, Georgia, has had three more strokes. She also has dementia, type II diabetes, kidney disease, and high cholesterol.  Georgia needs help with many daily activities. Even with these challenges, Tiffany’s dedication has kept her mother at home, surrounded by love and family.

Tiffany’s caregiving extends beyond her mother. She also cares for her father, David, who has also experienced a stroke and requires assistance with daily activities. Tiffany’s commitment to her parents shows how selfless and strong she is. “They have this best friend bond, and it’s always been like that. Even when they split, they were always able to co-parent me. It was only right to take care of both of them at the same time, under the same roof,” Tiffany shares.

Caregiver Tiffany with her mother Georgia and father David, all in pajamas

The Impact of Careforth on Caregivers and Their Families

Referred to Careforth by one of her mother’s doctors, Tiffany found a lifeline in Careforth Care Manager Macaria Wilson. Macaria’s role goes beyond professional support; she has become a friend and a part of Tiffany’s family. Macaria is always ready to provide guidance, answer questions, and be a shoulder to lean on for emotional support, often checking in on Tiffany’s well-being and family life.  Despite facing her own health challenges as a diabetic, Tiffany has found the strength to care for her parents thanks to the support of Careforth and her care manager, Macaria. Tiffany credits the Careforth team with providing the emotional and physical support she needs to stay healthy and continue being there for her parents.

Tiffany’s journey with Careforth has led to other positive changes for her family. With Careforth’s assistance, Tiffany successfully navigated the Medicaid process for her father, ensuring he receives the care he needs. “Dad is excited to be in the program…probably more excited than I am. Being with the same services and Careforth care team as Mom has made it easier on me, too. I have that support for both of them now, and my income allowed us to get our new apartment,” Tiffany reveals.

Macaria beautifully defines Tiffany’s caregiving spirit as “agape love,” a Greek term for a love that is empathetic, sacrificial, unconditional, patient, and forgiving. “Tiffany’s sole purpose every day is to care for and pour into others: her daughter, Miss Georgia, and David. Tiffany’s love is a verb… it’s an action because it is woven into every appointment she schedules, every meal she prepares, all the laundry she folds, and each little interaction she has with her loved ones throughout the day. Caregiving isn’t something that Tiffany has to do; she chooses to do it, and that takes a special person,” Macaria shares.

Supporting Family Caregivers Enables Loved Ones to Live Better at Home

Tiffany finds joy in big family gatherings, especially when her mother, who has dementia, recognizes loved ones. Family game nights and moments spent together are cherished, providing a sense of normalcy and happiness. Through the dedicated support of Careforth and the love and care she gives, Tiffany has created a nurturing environment where her parents can thrive at home. 

Careforth Supports Family Caregivers

At Careforth, we strive to provide the resources and connections that ensure caregivers feel supported at every turn in their caregiving journey. Visit the How We Help page on our site to learn more about how Careforth supports caregivers, or contact us for more information.

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