A caregiver son giving his mother a hug

Richard & Gloria’s Story

It’s my mom. It’s only one mom you have in this world.

My mom had a couple strokes, pretty much paralyzed her right side. And from that point, they told me that she had the Alzheimer’s dementia, and that’s where my journey started. And I said, it’s better if she is at home in her own environment, that way she’s used to her environment and enjoy herself.  

I had the aid set up so I could at least try to work. That failed. I said, okay, this is going to be it for me, you know? Make this completely full time. It’s my mom. It’s only one mom you have in this world, and I would not turn my back on her. Caesar is my care manager. He’s a wonderful guy. Any information he gets, he passes it on to me right away. 

And that’s what I like. You work together as a team, not as individuals. 

I tell him that all the time; I appreciate it a whole lot. Hey, he’s doing it from his heart, and I love that.  

My mom, she loves her Caribbean food. I do a curry chicken or stew beef, pigeon peas and rice or kidney beans. 

She eats, she’s happy, and she’s enjoying herself. I’m always playing. She’s always laughing, always have that smile. Yes, she may be down, but she’s enjoying herself. Still going strong and I thank the good Lord for that. 

My name is Richard, and I take care of my mom. 

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